HR Off-Site provides practical, insightful solutions for employers. In most cases, what we call a solution is actually a series of simple ideas which, together, have a profound effect on the organization’s overall productivity. We try to take all aspects of our clients’ operations into consideration, rather than simply applying a text-book Human Resources approach. Sometimes we work on a project-by-project basis, sometimes on a retainer. It all depends on the client’s needs and preferences.

Most typically, our clients rely on us for

Enhancing Workplace Productivity

Supervisory & HR Skills Training

We offer practical, affordable training for Team Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, and HR Professionals.  We deliver our training in several formats:  as customized in-house training workshops at your organization; as training sessions in the community; and as Lunch and Learn information sessions.  We stand by our work.  If you later realize there are questions you should have raised during the session, just send us an email or give us a call and we’ll follow-up ASAP!

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Employee Handbook

Employees perform best when they understand what’s expected of them; there’s no substitute for a well-written employee handbook. It’s the one tool you have as a business owner or manager to ensure that every member of your team knows and understands your company’s policies and procedures. This is especially important as your team grows.
Your employee handbook can be motivational. A good description of your overall philosophy allows your staff to recognize and take pride in what sets your company apart from the competition. In addition to making sure your employee handbooks comply with the Employment Standards Act, HR Off-Site will take the stress out of compiling and updating them.

Leadership Development

Leadership teams must be continually developed and supported. HR Off-Site helps company owners and organizational leaders in a variety of ways. Some of our customized solutions have included helping clients with strategic planning and goal setting; designing programs that help work teams anticipate and respond to change; and coaching supervisors to give them new skills that enhance their effectiveness.

Recruitment & Selection

Hiring the right people is easier when you know exactly what you want them to do, what skill sets you need them to have, and what you’ll need to offer in order to attract them to your organization. HR Off-Site believes that an effective recruitment strategy begins with clearly defining the skill sets and personality types that are most likely to be successful.

From there, we’ll help you determine the most effective way to market these opportunities to potential candidates and, if you wish, help you screen, interview and evaluate job applicants. We can also help you avoid many of the common misunderstandings between employers and new hires, by ensuring that each new employer/employee relationship you enter into is guided by an appropriate Employment Agreement.

Compensation Plan Design

Salaries, commissions, profit-sharing and benefits are just a few of the compensation options available to employers. In addition to researching current rates of pay in your labour market area, HR Off-Site can help you identify the most affordable and meaningful ways to attract and retain quality staff and compensate them for high performance.

Workplace Relations

If your workplace relations are strained, HR Off-Site can help you understand the source of the conflicts, open the lines of communication, reduce employee turnover and improve job performance. Some of the ways we’ve helped our clients enhance workplace relations include: conducting employee surveys; exit and stay interviews; implementing performance review and enhancement programs; orienting and training workers; training supervisors in the use of coaching and counselling techniques, and developing fair and balanced progressive discipline programs.

Manager’s Guide

The HR Off-Site Manager’s Guide is a manual designed to help managers communicate policies that govern your workplace. The Guide not only covers the basics that keep you in compliance with the Employment Standards Act, it is also fully customized to include your company’s policies on matters such as:

  • Standards of appearance for employees
  • Protection of customer information
  • Loans of company property
  • Smoking
  • Extended personal leaves without pay
  • Hiring relatives
  • Benefits
  • Hiring employees
  • and much, much more.

Making the Manager’s Guide even more useful is that it includes up to date copies of all relevant forms right in the sections to which they apply. No more rifling through filing cabinets to find that you have an outdated version of the form you need. With the Manager’s Guide, it’s easy to keep forms current and right where you need them. Not only is each policy clearly written and vetted by a Human Resources Professional, every form is professionally designed to include all of the information your company requires. HR Off-Site clients who have had customized Manager’s Guidesdeveloped for their workplaces tell us the customized Guide and Forms provide clear information, are easy to use and they wonder how they ever got along without them.

Strategic Planning

Mergers, acquisitions, rapid growth and market changes can all necessitate a comprehensive re-thinking of how you manage your employees. HR Off-Site works closely with its clients’ leadership teams to help them identify organizational strengths and weaknesses, set realistic goals, and understand and overcome any barriers to achieving them. If your organization is pursuing new opportunities, HR Off-Site will help you identify the people, positions and roles that are most critical to your success and develop workable plans to align your staff’s skill sets and day-to-day activities with your new strategic direction.

Enhancing Workplace Health & Safety

Legislation Compliance

Employment rules and regulations are always changing. HR Off-Site is in the business of helping Ontario employers determine which ones apply to their workplaces, as well as the most affordable ways to achieve and maintain compliance.

Policies & Procedures for Employer Protection

You owe it your employees, your suppliers and your customers to protect your workplace from costly litigation. To do this, policies and procedures need to be in place for virtually every aspect of your operation. They need to be clearly communicated in writing and in any staff training or orientation that you do. Customized job descriptions, employee handbooks and managers’ guides are all ways you can articulate key policies and procedures to your team. HR Off-Site has the expertise to create new policies or review and revise your current policies and procedures to make sure they reflect your needs and priorities.

Here are just some of the kinds of policies we’ve developed for our clients:

  • Workplace Internet, social networking software and cell phone use
  • Time away policies—vacation, personal emergency, reserve leave, organ donor leave, family-related issues.
  • Telecommuting/work from home
  • Compensation
  • Performance management
  • Facility opening and closing
  • Use of company vehicles and/or equipment
  • Customer information and confidentiality

Promoting Employee Health & Safety

Developing and maintaining a safe, healthy work environment for your team is in everyone’s best interests. Our clients count on us to help them prepare for Ministry of Labour inspections, so they can approach these occasions with confidence. With HR Off-Site, you’ll only pay for what you need. Whether it’s to develop, update or implement a comprehensive health and safety program; assist with preparation for Work Well Audits; provide WHMIS training sessions or just to review your Material Safety Data sheets, we’ll provide you with practical, affordable approaches that get results.

Pandemic Planning

An influenza pandemic can impact service levels and trigger supply chain disruptions such as production and shipping delays. A Pandemic Plan customized to the unique needs of your business, reduces the severity of a pandemic on you, your employees and your customers. Pandemic planning can help minimize disruptions to business, income and cash flow. Your proactive attitude to plan for this threat can mitigate your losses and enhance your reputation with employees, customers, and suppliers. Fear can paralyze a business – having a plan will help focus employees and provide you with a roadmap to recovery.

Workplace violence and harassment prevention and investigation

Return-to-Work Programs